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Office and House Cleaning Services in Puyallup, Tacoma and Spanaway

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Martin’s Commercial Cleaning has been providing office and house cleaning services in Puyallup and surrounding areas for a while now. Our team of professionals have provided excellent  cleaning services for all our commercial and residential  clients.  Whether it be daily, nightly, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even a customized schedule to meet your company requirements, we can help!


Being a provider of office cleaning services,  we understand the importance of cleanliness, neatness, and appearance at each office and facility we clean. The office cleaning services we provide are put in place to offer long-term performance, supervision, and consistency. Unlike many cleaning companies in the Puyallup marketplace, Martin’s Commercial Cleaning will not let the quality of our work deteriorate over time.

Not only are our cleaning teams  the best trained and most reliable, we offer the best quality control measures you can get anywhere in the business. Many commercial cleaning companies “say” they inspect their cleaning teams work, but we actually do it on a regular basis! That’s what makes the difference 90% of the time! If you’re looking for quality at the best rates with your office cleaning services,  Martin’s Commercial Cleaning  is your answer!  Call us for a FREE estimate today!!! (253) 905-9110

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